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Hello! Excited to have a new space to babble and organize some of my creative things.

I'm a 21-year-old, male fiber artist (so loaded of a term -- artisan? Self-employed crafter?) living in Pennsylvania with my partner of ~6 years in October. We have a cat, named Stag, who I love.

Other things I like:
- Books. Books. I'm a literature student (graduating in December).
Alongside this like of books is a like of reading aloud, and I often do so to my boyfriend.
- Horror and fantasy.
- Wombats. They're very important to me, and I identify with them (perhaps as one?)
- All sorts of artisan-craft things. Soap-making, book-binding, and of course yarn.

Things you should know:
- I have an anxiety disorder that manifests in some peculiar ways, mostly related to social interactions but also in the need to organize and such. It's been speculated in therapy that I have OCPD, but it is not diagnosed/confirmed, though the symptoms are consistent. As such, should I get to know you on here, please don't be offended if I behave oddly, don't respond right away, respond strangely or even do funny things like delete old comments and re-post things in different ways.
- I'm a sanguinarian. If you don't know what this means already, you probably don't want to know. I'm willing to discuss it but please be respectful.
--> I have DSPD, which makes me effectively nocturnal. I try VERY HARD to adjust to a diurnal sleeping schedule (read: with melatonin and tears, lol) but being sleep deprived (and I often am) makes me cranky and irritable. Usually I'm quite nice, but if it seems like I'm acting unusually aggressive, I'm probably just tired. Don't take it personally.
--> Chronic stomach pain and headaches results in the same thing. Crankypants.

That's all! I will probably post quite a bit about my art-ventures and general life things. Hopefully soon I'll be responsible and provide links to other sites full of relevant information about me and what I do.


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